The Cause Machine API is designed for organizations to pull data about their account. API is a RESTful API that accepts and returns JSON.

URL Structure

Each request must be made over HTTPS and authorized with a unique API Key, discussed in Authentication section below. A 403 status code will be returned if request is made over HTTP.



Sample Request


OAuth 2.0 Aunthentication

The Cause Machine API uses OAuth Client Credentials grant.

First, client must obtain authorization token from Token Endpoint (https://api.causemachine.com/Token)

Example request:

POST https://api.causemachine.com/Token HTTP/1.1

Both APP ID and KEY can be generated from the API Keys page in your community admin area under Settings -> Integrations -> API

This endpoint will return a bearer token. All of the subsequent requests made to the API must include the Authorization Header with the following format:

Authorization: Bearer TOKEN

View legacy authentication docs


Each API endpoint that returns a list of results includes paging that returns the current page, page size, and total number of records.

API Endpoints


GET v1/activities

Get all the recent activities for this account


GET v1/communities

Returns a list of communities for organization

GET v1/communities/{communityId}/admins

Gets Admins for a community

GET v1/communities/{communityId}/dna

Gets all DNA for a community

GET v1/communities/{communityId}/dna/{tagSetId}

Get the tagSet by tagSetId and CommunityId

GET v1/communities/{communityId}/pages

Get all pages for a community


GET v1/events

Returns a list of Events

GET v1/events/{eventId}

Get details for a single event

GET v1/events/{eventId}/attendees

Get the attendees of an event

GET v1/events/{eventId}/attendees/products

Get a list of all the products available for attendees

GET v1/events/{eventId}/exhibitors

This is a list of exhibitors for a particular event

GET v1/events/{eventId}/exhibitors/products

Get a list of all the a la carte products available for exhibitors

GET v1/events/{eventId}/exhibitors/packages

Get a list of all the packages available for exhibitors

GET v1/events/{eventId}/sessions

Gets the sessions for a particular event

GET v1/events/{eventId}/speakers

Gets speakers for an event

GET v1/events/{eventId}/meetings

Gets the meetings for a particular event

GET v1/events/{eventId}/sponsors

Gets the sponsors for a particular event

GET v1/events/{eventId}/coupons

Gets coupons for a particular Event

GET v1/events/{eventId}/schedule

Gets schedules for an event

GET v1/events/{eventId}/meals

Gets meals for a particular event

GET v1/events/{eventId}/downloads

Gets downloads for a particular event

GET v1/events/{eventId}/faq

Gets FAQs for a particular Event

GET v1/events/{eventId}/hotels

Gets Hotels for a particular Event

GET v1/events/{eventId}/venues

Gets Venues for a particular Event

GET v1/events/{eventId}/venues/{venueId}

Returns a particular Venue detail

GET v1/events/{eventId}/admins

Gets admins for an event


GET v1/groups

Get all groups for organization

GET v1/groups/{groupId}

Get details about a particular group

GET v1/groups/{groupId}/admins

Gets admins for a group

GET v1/groups/{groupId}/members

Gets members of a group


GET v1/jobs

Returns a list of jobs

GET v1/jobs/{jobId}

Get details for a single job

GET v1/jobs/{jobId}/resources

Gets resources for a particular job

GET v1/jobs/{jobId}/admins

Gets admins for a job

GET v1/jobs/{jobId}/inquiries

Gets inquiries for a job

GET v1/jobs/{jobId}/applicants

Gets applicants for a particular job


GET v1/members

Gets all members

GET v1/members/{memberId}

Get a particular member


GET v1/payments

Gets the completed transactions


GET v1/recurringdonations

Gets all recurring donations


GET v1/resources

Get a list of all resources

GET v1/resources/{resourceId}

Get details about a particular resource

GET v1/resources/{resourceId}/attachments

Get attachment details for a particular resource


GET v1/webhooks

Lists the webhooks registered for this organization

POST v1/webhooks

Create a new webhook

DELETE v1/webhooks/{id}

Remove the specified webhook